Fraud Alert

WARNING - Be Aware of Fraudulent Job Postings

May 5, 2017

VOXX Electronics Corporation ("VOXX") has recently been notified of numerous instances of criminal and unscrupulous activity by individuals wrongfully posing as VOXX Human Resources representatives whom VOXX suspects are attempting to steal your personally identifiable and highly sensitive financial information. These bogus offers of employment are SCAMS perpetrated by individuals attempting to steal your identity. In particular, individuals posing as VOXX HR personnel are offering work-at-home employment with VOXX through online social media platforms including Google® Hangouts and are seeking personal banking and other highly sensitive and confidential personal information. PLEASE DO NOT provide anyone with personal information and avoid responding in any fashion to these bogus offers of employment. If you have provided any personal information in response to these scams, you should contact your local police IMMEDIATELY.

Please know that VOXX takes this matter seriously and will endeavor to work with the appropriate authorities to address this issue.

Please also note that VOXX (including its parent company, subsidiaries and affiliates) does NOT conduct online interviews and does NOT hire anyone without first going through a thorough interview process including in-person interviews. VOXX also does NOT generally offer work-at-home employment. Certainly VOXX would NEVER request any job candidate to submit any personal information through social media platforms including Google® Hangouts.

Protect Your Identity

VOXX's identity is also being used fraudulently and misappropriated through this wrongful conduct. While VOXX finds this conduct egregious and reprehensible, it cannot accept responsibility and has no control over efforts to prosecute those behind these scams. While VOXX sympathizes with potential victims of these scams, it is solely your responsibility to protect your identity.

Please see the following links for your information concerning protecting yourself from and responding to potential incidents of identity theft.

Federal Trade Commission:

Federal Bureau of Investigation - Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3):